Oh My Gaudí

I know there are plenty of people who, when traveling, don’t love going to the ‘touristy’ places. I don’t blame them! 90% of the time, I’m the same way. The thing is, most tourist spots are full of people because they are extraordinary in some fashion. They’re beautiful, ancient… noteworthy in one way or another, […]

Gone explorin’

My first month in Valencia has mostly been spent exploring the city, finding a more permanent place to live, enrolling in Spanish school, and just getting on solid ground. With that (more or less) accomplished, its time to turn my eyes to the future. That means job hunting and getting my papers in order. Happily, […]

The Ups, Downs, and All-Arounds of Change

They say your comfort zone will kill you, but the panic attacks I’ve been getting while stepping out of my comfort zone are no joke either. I’ve always been prone to panic attacks. I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder years ago, and given a prescription to Xanax to help alleviate the sudden, disabling attacks. […]

Hey, cool, more bureaucracy

So one of the more fun (read: scary as hell) parts of moving to Spain has been navigating the million layers of bureaucracy and getting legal. Now, I have it much easier than Dandann, as I am a UK citizen and she’s American. For all that Americans threaten to leave the country every presidential election, […]


The decision to move to Valencia happened much like life tends to… very slowly and then all at once. I had been living in Austin for 9 years, gone to college, graduated, and slipped into an unhealthy and unhappy routine of working menial jobs and drinking too much. After my 30th birthday, I entered therapy, […]


Welcome to the (perhaps ill-titled) blog EspanYOLO! It’s mainly about how I moved to Valencia, Spain with my friend Danielle in a lightly researched, fairly abrupt fashion. We’re starting an art business here, so plenty of that will be shared, as well as the lessons we learn about business, art, Spain, bureaucracy, life, dogs… basically […]