I don’t know if I believe that anyone is born a traveler. I think we’re made into travelers by life.

For some of us, there’s a part deep inside that is taught to yearn for something else, for a far-away place, just like some folks love where they are and don’t want to go anywhere else.

I was made into a traveler by my parents. When I was 8, our family pulled up roots from Staffordshire, England and moved to Michigan, USA. The town we lived in, Midland, wasn’t a great fit for me, and I dreamt of the day when I would escape to a big city, someplace where snow never fell. At 23, I made that leap to Austin, Texas. I had never been there, but had some friends who would put me up on their couch, and I figured if I didn’t like it, I would just turn left and go out to California.

For nine years, Austin was home. I went to the University of Texas at Austin and majored in Journalism, met some of the most amazing people I have ever known, and happily spent the remainder of my twenties working and living and loving there.

Once I hit 30, I realized that, somehow, I had stopped traveling. My passports had expired, and I wasn’t happy anymore in Austin. It was time for a change. Unfortunately, I am not the best at changing quickly, so two more years passed before I left.

I was working in a boat yard in North Carolina, a short-term gig while I pondered where I wanted to go next, when Trump was elected. The same day, I decided to move back to Europe. I had no interest in living in a country that would elect a racist, sexist, xenophobic reality TV personality.

Suddenly, home seemed very far away from America. I decided to move to Valencia, wanting to learn Spanish, immerse myself in another culture, and live someplace with palm trees and a nearby ocean. From Valencia, I work remotely as a freelance journalist and content creator.

So here I am, based out of Valencia, although I try to travel as often as possible. I write about what I care about, things like feminism, mental health, passion, finding your way as an adult, learning, growing, exploring, art, food, travel, and generally trying to become a whole, happy person. I’m trying to learn where home is for me, and learning that it might be inside of myself.

I don’t want to post only the good things about life and not discuss the hard times. Those are the times that make up the core of us, that make us strong and kind and wise. I think sharing what I learn might help another person, and that’s what drives me. I hope it helps you, if you need it.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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